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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Seriously mope-y Part 2 

I have spent the better part of the afternoon looking for a job. It has had a side effect that isn't so fun - I'm terribly cranky. Unemployment makes me sad. So I made this list of links to things I've already written that aren't all cranky.

Oh and here's this - 2 years ago today, I wasn't so cranky: What I've been doing lately

And now the list...

A stroll




Open Question

Open Letter


Hah! Another Meta-Entry, I see. Well well. Not as shallow as my comments, however - tobe, feeling slightly dumb

Oh, also? I'm still cranky.
still looking for a job? go to lmer.ca and click on a case management centre. They can help with the job thing,so you're not cranky anymore
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