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Thursday, January 26, 2006

As I was saying... 

There has been a number of times where peple have asked me about things in my life of which they know nothing about. And that's fair game, right? They can ask. But who says I must tell? I spend most of my life with a lot of people, all of whom know very little about me besides the fact that I spend a bit of time outside of work having drinks with them. And I do so willingly because, quite frankly, I find it fun. And then sometimes....

Assumptions abound, and some of them mght be true. Some people seem to know everything about me without me having to say a word. But then there are those. Those people that know not a thing, yet presume to know everything. And those are the people that always ask me things I don't want to answer. They are the ones that I don't trust. And worse yet, those are the ones that ask me questions when they can't even be bothered to stick around for the answer.

I spend most of my time trying to say not enough of the truth and nothing of a lie. And somewhere those people find a middle ground. I'm finding it to be a difficult compromise of my life in this place.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

A ball of wonderful 

I took a strand of ribbon and bundled it into a ball and then tossed it across my living room floor when I got home tonight. My little cat trounced after it like it was Christmas morning. She even brought it back to me to toss across the room for her again.

My cat plays fetch. Well, she did that one time. And since then, she's been walking around the place with a ball of ribbon hanging out of her mouth. Aww, how cute!

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Dreams come true 

Last night I dreamt it was my birthday.

I'm convinced that my premonition of receiving gifts today is well-founded and based on good ESP mojo.

Or it was a sign that I slept more than 3 hours without interruption.

Place your bets on the first one, it's way more likely to be true.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


There was snow on the ground a couple of days ago. It was more like frozen ice, but on the surface it looked like snow for a little bit. Thankfully it's supposed to be just above freezing for the next couple of days. Which means it's going to be melting very soon. Melting and dirty. It makes me want to think of warmer climes and happier times. Like that small getaway vacation to Budapest with my best friend a couple years back. Or my quick weekend getaway to Prague - one of the last two times I did that. Or even Sweden, for fuck's sake. Every time I walk into my flat these days, all I spend my time doing is trying to thaw myself out. Well that and attempting to keep the kitten monster from chewing off my toes - It's a new habit she's picked up recently hanging out with all the kittens from the wrong side of the tracks. Or it's just the torture of me making her withstand several different people coming to my flat to feed her while I was out of town and she's holding a grudge.

I'd bet on the latter. And then find a little spare time to clip her claws.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I still can't find my skin here, but I think I might be molting.

Happy New Year!

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