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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Open Letter 

Dear Mr./Mrs. Manufacturer of Front-Loading Washing Machines,

Just what are you playing at? Have you not even taken a moment's time to consider that there are stupid people on this planet? And have you failed to recognize that some of your very own customers are stupid? It's an oversight, to be certain. And an oversight that I would be willing to completely overlook, had I not been one of the collective stupid people.

Why would you allow a gentle wash to seemingly stop it's cycle - seemingly finished yet altogether unfinished? Even turn off the light that tells the stupid people that a wash cycle is complete? And then go and allow the safe-locking-mechanism-dooooohicky to UNLOCK when the wash cycle IS NOT COMPLETE, which leaves the washing chamber half full to the brim with water?

I would be laughing at myself were I not too stupid at the time of the disaster to realize the front-loading washing machine has a window (that one can see through), which would have prevented me from having half the machine's water on my floor.

So. Please. In the future. Consider the stupid people!



Been there, done that.

But the point is this: It's not the person that is stupid in this case. That is a badly designed machine. Write a letter to the manufacturer. They won't change it unless people complain, because changing costs them money.
But... The door has a window.


I still feel like an idiot.
I would still say that the machine is badly designed.

1) The light should not go out ("I'm finished!") until it is finished.

2) The door should locked shut if the machine is full of water. If you had been doing a hot wash (my machine goes up to 60°C) you might have been seriously scalded.
All very good points. I'm just too lazy to write a mean letter.

I still feel stupid. But I'm slowly getting over it.

Beer helps. ;)
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