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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lacking Substance...Insert Filler 

For lack of anything of valuable substance to supply, I thought I'd be cheesy and corny and do something lame for a change. Without further ado, a list of 100 things you never wanted to know about me.

1. I feel kinda goofy writing this list.
2. I used to write a lot of poetry.
3. I can recite the first 14 lines of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - in ye olde englishe.
4. I've seen the massive statue of Paul Bunyan and "Babe" - his big blue ox.
5. I played goalkeeper - soccer (football for the europeans) - for 13 years.
6. I have a fascination with my toenails, in that I have to paint them or they don't look like my own feet to me.
7. I know how to technically draw with charcoal, but can only get stick figures and weird geometric shapes to come out on paper when I pick some up.
8. I can recite the Gettysburg Address - thanks to having to write it everytime I didn't do a homework assignment in the 5th grade.
9. I wore a Catholic School uniform for 6 of my earlier formative years. That means plaid, and that means jumper.
10. I firmly believe that is the basis for my aversion to dresses.
11. I think daisies and daffodils are awesome flowers because they look so happy to me.
12. I anthropomorphize with not only animals, but plants as well.
13. I spent 4 years in a choir. As a first soprano.
14. I smoke, so I have none of that first soprano range anymore.
15. I think flannel sheets are heavenly to sleep on.
16. I have a stuffed animal in my bedroom.
17. His name is Flopsy, he's a teddy bear, and he has no stuffing except in his head.
18. He never had stuffing except in his head.
19. I got him as a gift at 16.
20. I had strep throat at the time.
21. I can't swim the butterfly stroke.
22. I used to want to be a vet. And a professional swimmer. And a professional horse jockey. And a professional soccer player. And a professional singer.
23. I'm none of those things.
24. I'm really okay with that.
25. I don't plan my life decades in advance.
26. I want to go to Australia before I die.
27. And Russia.
28. And Fiji.
29. That's in order of preference.
30. I think unicorns are awesome.
31. I always wanted a pet koala bear.
32. Or a black bear.
33. I could never bait a fishing hook right.
34. I always thought it would be fun to jump off a 10m high diving board, landing a perfect flip.
35. I'm not especially fond of heights. - This complicated the high dive.
36. I like lizards. The yellow bellied ones we caught when I was little were cute.
37. I have always driven a manual transmission car.
38. I don't like driving automatics.
39. I like fluffy snowflakes that land on my shoulder or in my hair and don't melt immediately.
40. I like summer thunderstorms.
41. I think lightning looks awesome.
42. I'd like to have a really good eye for photography.
43. I think Trivial Pursuit is entertaining.
44. I like vacations that take me to lakeside accomodations.
45. Or coastline accomodations.
46. I love sterling silver roses. They're decadently delicate looking.
47. I love to garden. And design gardens.
48. I use lavender oils and have bubble baths when I'm having trouble relaxing.
49. I always shave my left leg first.
50. I count steps in my head when I walk up a flight of stairs.
51. I remember phone numbers by creating an algebraic equation with them.
52. I spell a lot of words in my head.
53. I sound a lot like a freak right about now.
54. I think - as long as they aren't incredibly dangerous (making buildings crumble, etc) - earthquakes are fun.
55. I've never taken an eye exam.
56. Or even seen an eye doctor.
57. Most doctors scare me. Dentists are no exception.
58. I had braces for a long time when I was younger.
59. I still need them.
60. When I was little, I was scared of the boogie man, but not the dark.
61. I once had concussion from hitting my head on the windshield of the family car when I was about 5.
62. I've shot coke cans with a bb gun in my mother's backyard.
63. Guns scare me.
64. I was stung by a scorpion when I was really young. It wasn't the poisonous kind.
65. It hurt. A lot.
66. My favorite number is 2.
67. I took college calculus when I was still in high school.
68. I can't start reading a book and not finish it.
69. I read a particular book, once a year, every year.
70. I like rollercoaster rides.
71. I don't like cotton candy.
72. I've seen Jefferson Starship in concert - at Disneyland. I was about 8 or 10. They may have been just Starship by this time. (I forgot about this when I was last talking about my first concert. JS would be the first one.)
73. I used to ice skate.
74. When I quit skating, I could do a single axel jump. And land it.
75. I used to run track and field.
76. I was pretty good at the high jump and the long jump, but preferred the shot put.
77. I never liked the running part.
78. I have a Bangles song stuck in my head right now - Eternal Flame.
79. I blame Singstar for that.
80. I have never karaoke'd.
81. This fact doesn't bother me.
82. Very few people that I know have seen me dance.
83. There's a reason for this.
84. No, I won't explain.
85. I was in my school spelling bee every year that they had one until I got to high school.
86. I lost in the 7th grade when I spelled asparagus "a-s-p-a-r-g-u-s". I was devestated.
87. I can't tell Roman and Greek mythology apart by gods' or godesses' names. Even though I've studied a lot of mythololgy.
88. I am very shy.
89. I tell really bad jokes.
90. I laugh at myself when there's reason to.
91. I'm clumsy. And have the bruises to prove it!
92. I have a fear of broken glass. For good reason.
93. I have a stitch in my wrist that was put there 15 years ago when I put my hand through a window. It won't come out unless a doctor cuts my wrist to fetch it. No thanks.
94. I used to play Boggle with my dad when I stayed home sick from school.
95. I like puzzles. I have two in my possession that are waiting to be put together.
96. I always look forward to having time to myself.
97. I always pull my socks up - part of that catholic school uniform thing again.
98. I think sometimes that I'm more often taking/getting than giving.
99. I like to practice yoga when I make the time for it.
100. I have 3 hours in which to get all of my beauty sleep.

I'm thinking that wasn't so hard. But I do look and sound kinda weird after looking through that list.

I think I can live with that.

I just discovered the spell checker on blogger isn't working with firefox. Please forgive the typos until tomorrow when I won't be nearly awake enough to check for tyops then.

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