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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


There was snow on the ground a couple of days ago. It was more like frozen ice, but on the surface it looked like snow for a little bit. Thankfully it's supposed to be just above freezing for the next couple of days. Which means it's going to be melting very soon. Melting and dirty. It makes me want to think of warmer climes and happier times. Like that small getaway vacation to Budapest with my best friend a couple years back. Or my quick weekend getaway to Prague - one of the last two times I did that. Or even Sweden, for fuck's sake. Every time I walk into my flat these days, all I spend my time doing is trying to thaw myself out. Well that and attempting to keep the kitten monster from chewing off my toes - It's a new habit she's picked up recently hanging out with all the kittens from the wrong side of the tracks. Or it's just the torture of me making her withstand several different people coming to my flat to feed her while I was out of town and she's holding a grudge.

I'd bet on the latter. And then find a little spare time to clip her claws.

More likely she's holding a grudge about how cold the apartment is when you're away. Should have left the heating on ;-)
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