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Thursday, December 23, 2004


Sitting quietly, barely moving, on the couch. Rhythmic music decked out in four four basslines playing in the background, elevator-music-loud. Tea light candles flickering, combating the fading daylight for more influence on the dancing shadows. A slight herbal aroma hovering in the room like a thinning fog dissipating in the morning light, slowly rising from floor to ceiling.

A knock at the door. The mostly-silent, quiet and unmoving suddenly disturbed. In a tizzy, uncomfortable. Movement across the room shuffles the still air, disturbs the fog of quiet, sends ripples of distraction across the room before the door is opened. Displacement.

Fresh greenery topples the herbal scent, overpowering it, resetting the scene.

An imposing vase of lilies. Rest and relaxation under a blanket in a wingbacked chair. A slow tune hums quietly around the room, pausing for reassurance before carrying on. Candlelit shadows waltz across the floor, crawling up the walls and stretching across the ceiling. Unmoving, undisturbed, focused and surprised.

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