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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Seriously mope-y Part 1 

I've probably been more eloquent on other occasions, and if you're dying for eloquence and not whiney, bitchy blogging, check out other, smoother posts I've made in the past:

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Otherwise, this joblessness is kicking my ass all over the playground. I'm not exactly sure how much longer I'm going to be able to deal with this without completely losing my mind. Not having something to do during the day is somehow degrading and depressing. And I have just nothing to do during the day. Being reminded of my entire employment situation by several people a day can make it even worse - I swear, at this point I would imagine that if and maybe when my employment situation changes I would likely not keep it all that secret. Seriously.

{{{ kirsten }}}
Aww, thanks Udge!
buy a canvas. no matter which size. the smallest even! then buy a brush. no matter which size. the smallest even!

then buy a color. no matter which.. ahem.. size.. ahem.. no really: if you're bored shitless, go ahead and buy painters equipement, and stop thinking but start doing, and the time might be wonderful.

all the best!
Its not boredom, really. Maybe I'll find some time to put it all into more coherent words sometime.
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