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Friday, July 16, 2004

Short days, long hours 

So the 5 am wake up call is special, but moreso after 2 or so hours of sleep. I came back to my empty flat and made a plan for my day. I had such good intentions. I made it to the office by 9.30h this morning. This is amazing. On so many levels. I was even showered and presentable in mostly human form. Well done me.

I get to sleep in tomorrow.

My well laid plans were laid to rest when I entered the office. Sweat, blood and tears were spilled in order to make it possible to work next Monday morning. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be possible to work on Monday, but I will have forgotten my plan by then. Damn that short term memory loss! Damn it straight to hell!

So all of my planning for my super productive work day went into the trash can, and secretly, I wasn't happy about that part, but that's just between you, me and that bottle of beer on the table - let's call him number 5. I even had started planning my weekend. It was a doozy of a plan as well. I hope you're sitting down because I'm going to tell you what the plan was. I was going to sit on my ass. All weekend. And revel in the silence and all the alone-ness I could muster. Even that plan went to shreds.

So I've given up the plan. I might go out again this weekend, I might even enjoy myself. I might just throw caution to the wind and just go hang out with people that I haven't seen in a very long time. Yanno.... get back into my life. I thought it might be good to stay hidden, tucked away in my fantastic flat with a book, some games and some movies. But .... nah. That sounds kind of boring and I think I need some outings. Some visiting. Some really goofy and screwy stories or interestingly off topic discussions. The kind that lead to a dead end. Or nowhere in particular. The road less traveled. At least it's less traveled as of late.

This day has been so long, and so short. All at once. I'm more tired than I think I can explain, but it feels like I've been awake just a short time. My evening was good. There was some beer, a new location - some more beer and some food, a movie in the cinema (Stepford Wives - creepy!), some more beer and all the while some cracking jokes. I'm yawning though. I think I might be worn out.

I thought of so many more things I could have put into that list of 100 things. So I figured, what the hell. I'll throw them into this entry. I find it endlessly amusing to write out all of these things. It's like being in a confessional with a priest. I'm just waiting for my penance.

I like cooking. I like a good red wine. Smooth, fruity, dry and easy. I like a nice chilled white wine - crisp, fruity, sharp. I name my plants. I even talk to them. I sing to myself in my flat, but not ever in the shower because I always thought it sounded creepy with the echo from the tiles. I like the sound of German and of Spanish, and I like speaking a particular phrase in Spanish.

I like the German word ananas and also unartig. They roll off the tongue so well. I like the words oblique and obey. Not for the meaning, and not for the connotation the words can conjure - merely for the sound. I have long legs. And long fingers. And since I moved to Vienna, long fingernails. I can't explain that. I've never broken a bone in my body.

I find it difficult to watch Life as a House without crying. I eat lemons - straight out of the peel and adore most everything made of or with them. I can bake a lemon meringue pie without looking at a recipe. Apple pie, as well.

I never take my own advice. I freely give advice to people even when they don't ask for it. I love movie quotes and use them often in everyday life. Fundamentally, there are two things that piss me off. Being ignored and being lied to.

I like tiny strapped tank tops and long skirts and matching underwear and bra sets. I love to learn new things. I strive to ignore stereotypes, I try to look at things from numerous angles. I recognize that I am not always capable of doing that. I disappoint myself, I disappoint other people. I think a good cry is therapeutic.

I must sleep.

What a great post, I'm glad you linked to it. That sets me up nicely for the weekend, or rather it would if only today weren't Thursday. Maybe the effect will endure.
Thanks Udge. Can't wait for the weekend then!
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