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Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm missing something in my life 

No, no. It's not a job. Well, I'm missing one of those too, but that's not what I'm talking about here.

Since for the duration of this month, I've put my name down on the NaBloPoMo list, I've taken a bit of extra time to peruse the other people that are crazy like me. I've frequently used the OMG, it's the NaBloPoMo randomizer to find new blogs to peruse. Randomizing my reading, well it's been great. I've seen a lot of blogs that I've bookmarked, and commented on at least a handful that I forgot to bookmark - whoops!

Can I just say, holy Jesus Mary and Joseph! There's a whole lot of folks that knit. And sew. And then BLOG ABOUT IT.

I feel like there's a secret club of knitters and I'm not eligible to join because I'm not sure what to do with a ball of yarn and some sticks. I'd probably just end up chucking the ball of yarn at my kitty. And that won't make me a new scarf. I'm missing out on homemade/handmade with love scarves. And no one but no one loves a scarf like I do.

So how badly do I need a new hobby? One that involves yarn and some sticks.

Three words--knitting for dummies. Not that I'm calling you a dummy ;). When I first started knitting and felt overwhelmed by the needles, someone bought this book for me and it was so wonderful! I really think someone could learn from this book, the instructions are well written and the illustrations weren't confusing (and I promise I don't work for the publisher either).

Good luck though--I tell people that knitting/crocheting keeps the homicidal tendencies down.
Trena that's great! I've been looking for something to ass-wage the homicidal tendencies....

(Sorry I couldn't pass up the opportunity to link to my most absurd entry of the month....)
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