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Sunday, November 05, 2006

4 days and 4 nights 

Completely off topic of what follows below... The rain has ceased after four long days and four long nights. I didn't get a yacht to hang out in, but I'll suffer silently about it. UPDATE: The rain has begun again. Maybe we'll make it another 36 days. End of Update.

In doing a little research about the title of this post, I looked up Genesis Chapter 7 and 8, just to read about the 40 days and nights of rain and the great flood where Noah - 600 years old at the time - built himself a boat and brought some pets on board. The ancient man was afforded 7 days for building the biggest boat in the world. And he did it. Well played, Noah.

Let it be said, I'm not a religious person. I was brought up with two parents who were, however. One was Catholic, while the was other Lutheran. They required their kids to go to mass or service on Sunday or be in Sunday school, as well. I attended a private Catholic school for 6 years until all the begging in the world from me convinced my recently divorced parents to stop the torture and let me go to school where class sizes were smaller than the 40 kids that they were in the place where my parents had paid for me to learn to recite the Gettysburg address. (Grammar be damned, right? Cuz that last sentence was horrible.) The Gettysburg address recital proved to be incredibly useful later in life. A party trick, if you will. And later in my school career I memorized the old English version of the introduction to the Canterbury Tales, which also has become a trademarked party trick. Anyways, that was all there to prove that I know something about Christianity. Except the party trick bit.

So in my research on the great world wide web for the title of what was supposed to be some funny piece about the rains in Vancouver, I ran across this version of Gen 8:1
And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that [was] with him in the ark: and God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters asswaged;


That's not even a word, is it? No, no it's not. I looked it up on the internet. And the internet never lies!


ok... that's it. one word comes to mind: "outrageous"!!! :D
I'm finally done with all this bible and church stuff (not that I haven't been before ;) ).
Wait wait wait. You're done with church, now?? ASSWAGED is the last straw? Oh, I feel so guilty.

(Don't fret, it's the Catholic upbringing in me. I'm supposed to feel guilty about everything.)
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