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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two things 

First - I was watching CSI again and here's the last thing someone said.
Character 1: "Its raining MAN JUICE?!"

Character 2: "Hallelujah?"

And most completely more importantly:

Well, well, well. After much talk and much contemplation since before Christmas, I've finally ordered the next addition to the household. I am most please and so excited for its arrival!

I'll post pictures, of course, when it arrives. I can't wait!

Roomba, and Were Rabbit Roomba costume - how I love you both already! I'm sure my love will only grow as soon as I see you for the first time.

Bitch ;-)

Let me know if it works properly.

l, m.
Isn't it so cute!?

Well, I got my email this morning that I will be getting my little Roomba a week later than I imagined, since it's on back order. Grrrrr.
Ha! gorgeous, and a brilliant piece of marketing. (If I had a roomba, I would definitely watch & talk to it.)
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