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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Short List 

If ever I got around to putting up a list of blogs in my sidebar, this would be half of the list. The (VERY) short list of blogs I read everyday*. Definitely, in particular order.

Smitten Kitchen - Check back for regular recipe updates and fantastic food porn. Deb wields a camera like a pro. And she's funny. Also, she won the Well Fed Best Food Blog - Humor award. Congrats!

This Fish - One of those ever popular bloggers.

Dooce - No blurb necessary.

Mighty Girl - Short, sweet, and hilarious. Also, San Franciscan with commentary about the city that I miss most.

Udge - Smart kid with a small case of insomnia and a hot chocolate addiction. Who doesn't want that kind of addiction? He's really good to read when you want to read someone who has some thoughts to share.

Go Fug Yourself - Who doesn't like it when people mock celebrities?

Becks & Posh - Sam writes so well about food, restaurants, San Francisco and other food bloggers. She also won Well Fed Best Food Blog - City.

I Pretty Much Hate Everything - She claims that she's very bitter, but I remain unconvinced.

Out of Character - You could not laugh more. This woman is hilarious, honestly. Erin made November a month of laughs.

Fussy - The lovely lady behind the November Torture of NaBloPoMo. Also, she's funny.

Blackbird - She saved me with memes during November, AND she is super fond of pictures in her blog posts. Who could want more?

Amalah - Mom. Blogger. Funnay!

Quick Indian Cooking - Great, authentic, easy, and of course, quick, Indian Recipes.

Suburban Bliss - Birth Control via the Written Word, she claims.

Julia - With Hippogriffs and heart. Lots of heart.

A Little Pregnant - Its best if you start from the beginning of the archives and read from there. Really, go see.

Queen Mediocretia - Who doesn't need to read about royalty?

If you have suggestions of any others I should take a look at, drop the link into a comment.

*Ahem. Every day that I actually read the internets, therefore the blogs, I mean. See, I don't do things halfway, oh no I don't, so sometimes I skip some days because my heart isn't in it.

Wow - that is some pretty impressive software you must have to customize your post so everyone sees their own site at the bottom of the list. Blogger can do that? I may have to switch.
Amazing, innit?
thanks for the nice link!

(oh, and, don't COUNT on birth control from Melissa's site, okay?)
Surely for the link :)

Oh, you mean.... that's not actually a reliable form of birth control? Hmm. Okay, little late, but um no harm, no foul. But thanks for telling me! :)
Oh, thanks for the mention. How kind!

Have a great, snowy weekend. We STILL haven't had a frost this winter! Bah.
You can have our frost! PLEASE!

It's supposed to snow for the next two days, supposedly. Or at least flurry. Which I think sounds wonderful in a place where it isn't supposed to snow THIS DAMN MUCH.


Oh, and you're ever so welcome, Udge.
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