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Friday, December 01, 2006

November, Recap 

What I did for Thanksgiving: I flew, I ate, I hung out with family, and I came home. Details are mundane. Besides, I don't really have a story to share.

Also, what I learned throughout the November boringness here at my blog: I need to pick something to write about, and then start writing well, all the time. Unfortunately, I don't have a topic that dear to me to write about, and I'm contemplating more and more why I even have a blog. The blogging everyday in the month of November made me realize I don't know if I want to keep writing.

I can understand that the combination of having to write every day and not feeling that much in your life right now is actually worth writing about (or rather: is somthing that you want to share with the world of blog readers) can lead to losing the joy in writing.

It would be a shame though if you stopped writing. Because you're good at it. Very.

I totally agree. In both ways - I could understand and that you're really good at it.

It's quite strange somehow as well... but since you moved over the big lake, your blog is more than just a blog... it's a way to keep in touch with ya. And I very much enjoy that.

But in any case... I'm sure we'll find another way to do that if you should choose not to write anymore.
You two slimey wh*res! What's up with the mouthjobs? Do you get free Caffe Lattes?

Oops I think i just violated my last vow.

No, honestly: after a hard day's work, your post always make me feel better! ;)
Tobe, you cheeky ...
Blaming me for being slimey for my first post ever (i think) on this blog? ;-)

You have to admit, I was only stating the (or at least my) truth.

oh come on tobe! it's just the jealousy isn't it? ;)

but what do you expect? you never update your blog. ;P
Have you kids settled down now?

Okay good. Lattes all around. :D
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