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Friday, December 22, 2006

I may have spoke too soon and pissed off Austria - oh crap 

Dear Austria,

Please ignore the last outburst about getting up to speed with the rest of the marvelous internet connected and convenient world while you PLEASE tell North America how it is that you work that whole public transportation system so well.

They don't get it here. Someone needs a hand holding and a very thorough explanation. Could you just do me this one favor, please? I'll ignore and perhaps even forget the customer service thing if you do this, I promise!

Oh, and there's a bit of a timeline, see. 2010 is kind of the goal deadline here, since Vancouver is inviting the world for the Olympics, so could you maybe, um, help with the hurrying it up thing? You know, since you're so good at time tables, and the keeping thereof, I thought you'd be the natural choice for that.

That'd be fab, thanks for the help.



The concept you are searching for is called "compromise" :-)

My version of that is to arrive in Saskatchewan and say, "hooray, fresh air! big skies! silence! Er, where are the bookshops?"
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