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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Words, Words, Words 

Everyone has their own favorite words. You, me, that guy over there - shh don't look! So let's make a deal. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Oh, really, let's be serious, I'm not that patient. Here. A compilation of my favorite words, in various languages and in no particular order.

  • Obey (E)

  • Oblique (E)

  • Ananas (De)

  • Unartig (De)

  • Inuit (E)

  • Retarded (E)

  • Tonto (Sp)

  • Freckle (E)

  • Befuddle (E)

  • Discombobulated (E)

  • Raro (Sp)

  • Ta (British)

  • Strawberry Vodka (universal)

  • Your turn!

    (Update: To those 12 of you that keep coming back - you can put up a comment.)

    "1. Obey"

    Kinky! Is that an "Obey" with exclamation mark at the end? Why did I never work in your projects, mistress?
    It's an "obey" that can be said so many different ways. And has been, and I'm sure will be, used in so many different ways.

    PS Maybe the projects thing was bad luck?
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