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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Day Headlines 

Because I'm a bit distracted with reading the up to the minute news articles about the election, I'm having trouble forming complete and interesting sentences. So, please enjoy the extremely US centric post for today.

Find your Polling Site

Election Poll Stats Very good site!

National Elections Information Map

Midterms Info at a glance

Bush approval ratings drop to 35 percent

Track Bush's approval rating

Bush's own guys are avoiding him

Problems Pepper Election Day

Switch to paper ballots after electronic machines prove not that good

Things you may not know about names on your ballot

Watch out South Dakota

Cheney's Hunting for Votes

Could you pass the US citizenship test? - Quiz yourself! How'd you do? I got one wrong. Who the hell knows who said "Give me liberty or give me death"? Pah!

errrr.... well... "You answered 55% of questions correctly."

so the plan is still to either win a greencard in the greencard-lottery and then apply for citizenship or marry an American girl and then apply... (the chances for either of them are actually almost the same at the moment)

but hey, with 55% I can still claim that I know more about US history and politics than the average American knows about Austrian history and politics, right? :D

and who said "give me liberty or give me death"? oh, come on now! everybody knows that!

...everyone who scored more than 55% :(
Look, I think you'll be hard pressed to get the average American to be able to point to the location of Austria on a European map.

On average, we do, however, learn about the Austro-Hungarian empire, World War I and World War II. You guys were involved in those, right? ;)

And I still don't understand Austrian politics, if there actually is any. Keep me updated about the lottery and wife stuff. :)
So sad that you don't get the "I voted" sticker! For some reason the joy of stickers never dies. Plus, they're a good conversation starter on Election Day. Hope you're getting all the TV coverage up in Canada!
Stickers are forever cool, indeed. I've been flipping between CNN and MSNBC most of the day. I can't make up my mind...
at least I regained (a part of) my trust in the Americans again (looking at the voting results right now - 8:50 am CET).
taking back control also over the senate will be peanuts right? ;)

so now it looks like this whole "wife thing" is actually becoming an option again ;)
and oh yeah... bitching about an (average) American's knowledge of European geography is just like it is with the stickers - it never gets old ;)
Fair enough, Markus. Now tell me the capital of Montana, and place New Hampshire on a US map for me. ;)
Montana? errrrr....ummmmm..... but hey.. I know the capital of Illinois is Springfield :D
New Hampshire? well.... you win!
Well you've done better than expected. Here's a sticker. ;)
Cool! Can I have one with Arnold on it? ;)
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