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Saturday, November 04, 2006

No Pictures, No Links, Just Boring Blabbery 

Okay, how sick are you of reading about moving? Seriously, its all I talk about these days and I think I might be boring myself to death. So I'll get the moving stuff out of the way and then move on to something way more not exciting. My days have been a bit blah so I'm a bit blah in my writing. Please come back later for not crap.

I've got two bedrooms to unpack/organize. I'll do that once I actually get the new pieces of furniture delivered and then assembled. Oh how I hate assembling furniture. The living room, kitchen and bathrooms all look like we can live in them. The den is a massive pile of wires, computer pieces, and two very pretty desks which are covered completely with piles of notebooks, paperwork, cds, games, and good god even game consoles. I have a list as long as both my arms of things that must be bought in the very near future. Some of the things on the list require assembly. Its exhausting just thinking about it.

So it's been pissing it down outside for the past three days. I think it took a wee break for a few minutes yesterday sometime around sunset, but I couldn't find my camera in all this moving chaos to be able to snap some shots of the pretty colored sky. I'm enjoying watching the sea planes take off and land in the harbor from the living room. Its quite enchanting to see, actually. The kitty is enjoying her view, but gets a little befuddled at the seagulls that fly by the windows. Let's see how much she likes it when I get back from shopping with a tall cat scratcher tower thing for her!

Sorry, I should have asked this weeks or months ago, but: who is "we"?
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