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Friday, November 03, 2006

My Theater Ticket 

So I'm sitting on the whole idea of going to see some movies, for lack of being able to decide. Check out the trailers. And I tucked a quick history lesson in the middle there that you can totally feel free to skip. Unless recess is over, and then you just have to grin and bear it.

The Break-Up 12 lemons for a centerpiece, good god! I have to go buy the DVD, since it's already been in theaters and I totally missed that. So not my fault!

Death of a President They shopped this film at the Toronto Film Festival to get a distributor willing to distribute the movie across the US. I'm not certain, but have heard/read in some places that the movie is now being banned in places in the States. This troubles me. It is a work of Fiction. Come on! This is totally not the thing that is going to plant in someone's head any kind of plan to do anything illegal in regards to the president.

The Queen A whole movie about British royalty? I cannot pass that up.

Marie Antoinette I have to see this. I mean, there's Kirsten Dunst, what with my first name and all. And then there's the fact that Sofia made the film. I like her films. They're pretty.

Commence - History Lesson (Feel free to jump ahead, if for any reason you find yourself yawning. There's more movie links below!)

Because it bothers me for some stupid reason, I just want to clarify something. Marie Antoinette was not the cold hearted bitch that is mistaken for the person that said, "Let them eat cake." It is thought that Maria Theresa of Spain said it. Maria Theresa of Spain was married to Louis XIV, the Sun King. (She is not to be confused with Maria Theresa of Austria, first and only Holy Roman Empress and Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia. The Austrian one was awesome, and very well loved. She was daughter of Karl VI and granddaughter of Leopold I. Leopold's uncle (on his mother's side) was Maria Theresa of Spain's father. All summed up, the one who said "Let them eat cake." was Leopold's cousin, and Marie Antoinette's far distant relative. (Great great great cousin? Great cousin twice removed? God I don't understand the cousin thing. Anyone?)

History Lesson Over.

Stranger Than Fiction Emma Thompson and Will Ferrell - it's a completely interesting pairing. All the TV trailers crack me up. I will giggle most of the way through this movie. I'm determined!

The Prestige I cannot pinpoint exactly why it is I want to see this film, but I just do. It intrigues me. And the fact that it's Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale might have a teensy bit to do with it, but I swear that's not the whole reason.

The Good German Its based on a book that I own and have yet to read. I will get around to reading it. It's been in my little shelf next to the bath for bath time reading. I didn't get in very many baths over the roasting hot summer. And then I moved.

Which one is most appealing? Or how about some suggestions to add to my list?

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