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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Let's Say Thanks 

As it is that time of year, I thought I would forego the family stories for the time being and tell you about another way to give thanks. Xerox is sponsoring a program to send postcards of thanks to the troops. You can submit a design or use one of the designs they already have.

Check it out at Let's Say Thanks.

I'm really sorry, but why exactly again should we say thanks to American troops overseas fighting in a completely useless (and stinkin) war???

I forgot.
Woah. Hold up. The point isn';t to support a war. I'll not even start a comment about the support or lack thereof for the war itself.

Soldiers. Military personnel. They aren't the policy makers.

Its a fairly common feeling amongst many americans to be grateful to the men and women that seve in the armed services. Unlike some countries, these people volunteer for duty, they are not conscripted. Its also fairly common amongst people that do not support the war - like myself - to support the troops. They would die for their country, and maybe I'm nuts, but I think that deserves some thanks.

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