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Monday, November 06, 2006

It's that time of November again! 

It always fills me with such a warm and fuzzy feeling. It's like I'm sat near a cozy fireplace with a wooly blanket after a delicious and elaborate holiday meal. Except the reality of voting from outside the country where your vote is counted is more like calling your credit card company and asking if you could please speak to a person instead of that really efficient and effective voice recognition system they have goin' on there.

Plus, when you actually go to the polls, you get that sticker. But, ha! I already cast my vote, suckahs! Let's just hope the Canadian and US mail services didn't lose it.

I hope if you're in the States you take the time to get to the polls tomorrow. New rule: You can't complain about the state of the nation unless you participate. Got it?

Aw, you voted Communista again, didn't ya?
Who told!?
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