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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Giving Season 

I like video games. I own a significant number of them. I like to play them. I think everyone should play games. Play games that you enjoy - card games, board games, video games, whatever! Just play games.

When it comes to video games, however, they seem to have a bad rep. There's lots and lots of bad press about them, for varying reasons.** One of the more popular gaming websites started a worthwhile charity in response to one journalist's piece about how horrible video games are and what kind of influence they have on children. The men that responded to this article published in 2003 about how bad video games are are still going strong with with their Child's Play charity.

Please, take a look at the website. Please, if it moves you, if you are so inclined, take a look at the amazon wish lists for any of the hospitals. Please, understand that this isn't about giving kids violent video games. This is about giving kids games. These kids are definitely deserving of some fun.

I'll leave up the link on the sidebar til the drive is done on December 20. Please take a look.

(And check out their daily comics. They're funny! Sometimes they make more sense with their post on the main page, though.)

**Please, if you have children and they play video games, please know what they are playing and don't just blindly buy whatever they say they want. Pay attention to ratings and buy age appropriate games. Teach them to be responsible, and don't give yourself a reason to be mad at an industry that employs some very cool and well-intentioned people. Trust me, game developers don't want parents pissed at them.

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