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Monday, October 02, 2006

Procrastination method #293 

In the past week and a half I have made two successful purchases for the kitten. I figure I should try to make it up to her, ya know, that 18 hours in transit thing that I did to her that she hated me for for a week. So the first thing I bought her that was a little treat was a toy. It's like a fishing rod with a fluffy bell at the end of the line. And she LURVES it. I can make her jump 4 feet in the air with the fluffy fishing pole. She runs back and forth for ... minutes! And then she lays down and breathes all heavy.

So she's not in the best of shape, I guess. But I suspect that might be because she is constantly sleeping. And usually she's sleeping on her second treat - a cardboard scratcher. That's right. I bought a box of slices of cardboard. For my cat. And if she could speak, I know she would be thanking me for it every waking moment. But in between those waking moments, she's mostly laying across the slices of cardboard for her regular snoozes. Like a good little kitty.

The best part of the cardboard is the bag of catnip, which makes her crazy. Her eyes go all spirally and she flinches and twitches a lot. (I kid. She only twitches when there's any sound or movement within a 10 mile radius of her.) But the worst part of the move of the kitten is the appetite that she seems to have adjusted. She used to be kind of picky about her food. She would protest certain flavors of food for a couple hours, snubbing it in front of me. But then she'd get over it and eat at least some of it. And now? Yeah, now she's a complete snob. She will leave food that apparently doesn't whet her appetite for a whole day. And then I'll clean it out, washing the dish and all the while, she'll be stood at my feet meowing like a crazy cat and rubbing her face on my shins, begging in that cat way for some food that's edible. So when I put more food in the bowl after the begging session and put the bowl on the floor and she snubs it and walks away, I'm starting to think she's just being bitchy for fun. Or she's starving and it totally serves her right.

Speaking of food... Last night's dinner experiment went a couple different shades of wrong. I'm rather disappointed, and I have been since sinking my teeth into the homemade cornish pasties last night. It's like the dough lord came into this place and cursed me. And since I have at least half the filling left over, I'm going to try a different dough to see if I can't coerce the dough lord that I am not as scared of dough as perhaps he thinks I need be. And ya know, I will triumph and all that good stuff.

I had one thing to do today, and I haven't done it. Yay me?

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