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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I've been replaced 

Wow! A whole week went by and I don't really remember all of it. It's a bit nutty, really, the amount of things I've been up to lately. And also, the amount of things I have yet to do. That's even more nutty than the first part.

I've turned into a baker. I've made more chocolate chip cookies in the past week than I care to admit. What's worse is that I've actually eaten half of the cookies. Oh dear god, is there any saving of my soul to be had? Or at least my waistline.

Today I even bought the makings for homemade brownies. Oh the complexity of the one bowl brownie! I've just finished the baking process, as if I was the one warming the brownies with some magic or something. And now I have to wait for them to cool. Like 15 minutes right? Maybe it's really been so long that I don't remember that you have to allow brownies to cool for hours - hours - or maybe I've never been patient enough to wait that long for the delightful chocolate treats to cool. Except, I'm totally determined to wait that long now since I have a chocolate topping to put on the brownies when they're cool. It's like chocolate chocolate heaven. Or at least it better be! The batter tasted like brownies so I have exceptionally high expectations for the baked goods. And even higher expectations for the frosted treats!

Besides all the baking, I'm contemplating a new career and trying to focus on adapting my resume, except I keep getting distracted by the oven and the cookie batter. I'm also researching floral arranging classes. It's like someone replaced me with Martha Stewart when I stepped on the plane in Vienna.

So, I hate to ask but: where are you now, if it isn't a trade secret?

I'm glad that you're blogging again. (I know it's been a while already, but I wasn't sure whether I'd said so yet.)
I'm in Vancouver now. I can't get enough of cities that start with "V". ;)
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