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Monday, October 09, 2006

It's all about new toys 

I got the cheapest cell phone on offer, whereby cheap means free. So I can call people now without it costing me all of my savings for 5 minutes of chat. With this new cell phone plan, I get 15 minutes more without all of my savings dwindling to nothing. It's like Christmas came early. Or something.

My mother thinks the new cell phone is extravagant, what with there being a few other purchases of late. Because buying a 7 dollar melon baller, that's just over the top. But seriously, I love it. It removes the horrible hard core of apples quite well and I'm sure it would do a lovely job balling melon pieces. I also acquired a nice new pie plate in which to make Dutch Apple Pie. And, oh dear baby Jesus, the pie, it smelled like sweet heaven.

We got one of those handheld mixers, and I think some people call them mixing wands? I don't know, but I think it's the greatest kitchen appliance for being compact and easy to store and clean. It has a whisk. Everyone needs an electric whisk. That's really all there is to say about that.

We bought a moose. Or he's an elk. I don't know the difference. Okay, okay, so he's a little stuffed animal, but he's dressed up like a mountie. (That mountie is missing a vital part of his mountie-hood - the horse. Where's the horse??) Better version?

And as I tend to be like this, I saved the best new gadget for last. Because I can, and it's so awesome I had to have the time to dream up which were the best and most awesome-est adjectives I could use to describe my love and my lurve for my new toy.

Oh Canon Rebel EOS, my most favorite-est (and newest!) digital camera, how I adore thee! I shall compare thee to a summer's day. Or maybe just save that and say oh-my-god-you-rock-and-roll-like-no-other!

It sure fixed the no pictures taken problem. Since I got it, and the battery was charged (Ahem, last night at about 8 in the evening) I have taken over 500 pictures. But they're all test pictures. Experimental. Ugly. But I am so going to start taking pretty ones soon. Because with this camera, you can't help but take pretty pictures.

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