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Friday, October 06, 2006

It's all about disasters 

So today is all about cleaning, doing laundry, editing my resume, fixing my cover letter, signing a lease for a GORE. JUS. apartment, and finding a new recipe for cookies because we're out of brownies. Yeah, that's right. We have no dessert. Oh god NO!! So I intend to purchase the makings of peanut butter cookies, oh-my-god-how-I-love-them-so! I need something to pick me up after the disaster that was more cornish pasties last night. I swear ta gads, I need to find a new dough recipe because the one I have, well it just sucks.

Oh the funnest (that's a word now, I just made it a word) part of last night's disaster of dough that was dry and gross for the pasties was that the smoke alarm went off while I was preheating the oven. Apparently, the cleaning lady, yeah, she likes to put oily grill pans BACK into the oven rather than leaving them in the dishwasher. Hooray for the cleaning lady! The windows in the temporary place, they're not the kind that one can open. Well, not the windows that one would want to open in case the smoke alarm was blaringly beeping its alarm that the cleaning lady is cruel. There are three small squares of glass along the floor that have hinges that allow the glass to open from the bottom out, so there's a teeny tiny wedge of open window. It doesn't make much sense to me, but I guess it keeps human adults (and perhaps fat children, as well) from throwing themselves (or let's be realistic here, falling) out of a window from the 13th floor. They do not, however, make for good ventilation devices. Smoke rises, okay? Nonetheless, we opened the windows. All three of them. And then for about 10 minutes I could be found standing beneath the deafening smoke alarm with a big pillow in my hands waving it frantically past the smoke alarm to just shut the thing up already. Every few seconds I would yell, "Mia!" to get her to stop walking around on the one inch ledge on the outside part of the window. I mean, we're 13 floors up. That fall would probably be deadly. I imagined after about 5 minutes of yelling at her that if I pushed her, it would still be deadly. So instead, I put her in the safety of the bedroom-sans-windows.

I've gotten myself a phone and I tried to transfer all the information from my Austrian phone to my new and horribly cheap Vancouver phone, but the new one, the one I presume was put on the market after my Austrian phone, it doesn't have Bluetooth. Or infrared. Or any transferring capabilities. I can only Bluetooth a handsfree device. WHAT?? So yeah, I'm just going to go have the Austrian phone unlocked and hope that I don't lose everyone's phone number what with unlocking it and changing the sim cards. I expect it all to go horribly, horribly wrong. Plus I feel stupid carrying two cell phones. Who does that?

Housekeeping came by yesterday and told me that the air conditioning unit in this place is broken. Oh. Okay. (Huh?) And then he said that he'd just test it out if I think I would need it in the next couple of months. Yeah, mister, I totally will need the AC in the dead of fall, followed closely by the dead of winter. And just to mention this once more, I'm not staying here past the beginning of November because we got a PRETTY PRETTY place to live... So I told him I thought it wouldn't be needed and ask if maybe he could test it out later. So I guess he'll come back in November and ask the next people to stay here if they want the AC to work properly in November and December. Cuz who doesn't want AC when it will be pouring down rain all the time?

Okay I can't dream up another disaster story so I'm going to go follow the cleaning lady as she walks around the place and see if I can't freak her right the fuck out.

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hey! I carry 2 phones! what's wrong with that? :P but i really DO feel silly... (patent pending for a cellphone supporting 2 simcards)
Please let me know when you get that patent and when a phone is available. If it's not within the next couple weeks, I might not need it what with cancelling one account...
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