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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Giving Canadian Thanks, eh 

Making Thanksgiving dinner wasn't my responsibility. I was treated to a dinner-making free night. But I couldn't resist doing something, so I made the stuffing, which is always my favorite part of any thanksgiving dinner, and chopped some veg and cleaned dishes. I also ate until I literally nearly burst. I thought I wasn't going to make it through the night without just bursting. I was so shocked to wake up this morning in one piece. And thankful! For not having to pick up little bits of burst me. I had made the apple pie for dessert, of course, the day before thanksgiving, and I didn't have any room for pie last night, but I had some nonetheless. With vanilla ice cream. It's all about gluttony on thanksgiving. Or is it all about stupidly stuffing yourself so you feel ill? I can't recall.

So, as is tradition, one has to be humbly thankful and honor stuff that, you know, you should. I was honoring and thanking the new camera all day yesterday for coming home with me from the store. I took nearly 1,000 pictures of way too many things, most of which came out too light, too dark, too weird, bad angle, funny composition, garbage in the background, garbage in the foreground and then a couple of the kitten. And I find her terribly cute. I still have yet to understand the fascination with the sink, but she made herself very comfortable in the sink during the afternoon.

We didn't play the typical thanksgiving game. You know the one where everyone lists the things for which they're thankful. I've got a list, but I'm going to save it for my native thanksgiving. Canada, please don't stone me to death. Thanks, eh!

That's not just your kitten being odd: cats in sinks

Happy thanksgiving!
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