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Monday, October 30, 2006

Extreme sports = extremely stupid? 

I'm watching a TV show about sharks and some guy trying to parachute into a shark cage - in the ocean - near a well known galapagos shark swarming area. According to this TV show, they are fond of chewing on humans. They're apparently engaging in some kind of extreme sporting activity. Those young whippersnappers!

I see three problems with this plan. 1 - This guy is jumping out of a perfectly good plane. I don't get it. 2 - This guy is attempting to land in an area about the size of a queen-sized bed. In the ocean. Which means it's not exactly completely stationary. And 3 - Yeah, he's totally gonna miss and then be shark bait.

Oh my god, there's a guy parachuting in lederhosen. In Bavaria.

I can't take it anymore, I have to turn it off.

Sounds like a good idea...only after you have consumed an entire keg of beer.

And someone knocked you about the head and shoulders with a bat...
Well, "parachuting in lederhosen" is certainly not a phrase I ever expected to read.
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