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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dream a little dream of bloggers 

My dream last night was a bit odd. Keep in mind that anyone's name below was actually just a dream extra that looks a bit like what I imagine (or in some cases know) the real people to look like. And I know none of them personally. Further, no one I know personally appeared in the dream. Not even my cat.

I was having a party. In my apartment. I've never before seen this apartment but it was nice! It may have been some kind of combination of the new place and the old place in Vienna. And it wasn't really a party, per se. Perhaps it was just more of a people coming round kind of party. So, onto the guest list. Deb from SmittenKitchen was in my kitchen. She was cooking something that smelled fantastic, and I was sitting on the floor playing with Sir Hal with Fish hoping like there was no tomorrow that Deb was being kind enough to make cinnamon rolls. Leta was sitting on a couch I've never seen before watching Elmo, while Maggie, Heather and Jon were relaxing with some tequila (??) by the bar. Ari was rolling around on the floor with her puppy - in her winter coat. (Okay, sure.) Udge was discussing books and music with Smitten while she cooked. Photographing the whole thing was Torrie, bustling about the place with her Nikon camera. She was wearing scrubs and looked fantastic in them. And because every party needs a tax person, Erin was volunteering to do everyone's taxes only if they were unemployed and would pay her with carrots. Just before I woke up, Sam arrived with a bottle of wine - the best I've ever tasted in my life.

Yes, these are some of the blogs I read.

Oh, and Heather and Jon look great with purple hair. Just so ya know.

that is wierd cos I took a very special half bottle of wine only last night to a gathering of bloggers and they all loved it. It was Canadian wine too....
I'm getting this whole de ja vu kind of feeling...
that sounds like a good party, and yes I am usually to be found in the kitchen talking about books. Deb's site is pure "food porn."
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