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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wherein I catch up the last three (plus) months - Part II 

Imagine a square room with brick walls. Imagine running head first into every wall over and over again. This is, in effect, how easy it has been to secure myself a job.

It started out looking promising. May and June were the months where everyone I talked to seemed to be dangling a carrot in front of my face and moving it ever so quickly towards one of those brick walls.

In June a company asked that I come for an on site interview, and afterwards, explained to me how keen they were to employ me right now. I am still awaiting their offer letter in the mail. They wanted me to move within a week of the interview to start work immediately. They said they would have a visa sorted out for me in a matter of days.

I am so glad I didn't hold my breath for that one. I'd be well past dead and buried by now.

I want a job in project management. Again. I would like to go back into working on games. The big catch is that I want a job in Vancouver. I figure this is a smart move, as, you know, I'll be living there in two weeks. And not one game company in Vancouver is hiring a project manager type. Brick wall, meet head.

I'm hoping that the immigration folks at the airport in Vancouver are nice to me and give me a work visa even though I have not yet secured any employment there. And if they don't I think I might just kick them in the face with a golf shoe. Or cry. A lot.

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