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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wherein I catch up the last three (plus) months - Part I 

I abhor looking for jobs. But I'll come back to that.

May and most of June were a snore. I spent days putting together my resume and then a few more days rewriting it completely. I sent it out to various different companies, receiving a few bites here and there. I had phone interviews and an on site interview in the UK. I went out with friends and commiserated with them about the unemployment situation. I congratulated and celebrated with those that have since moved on and away to bigger and better things for their lives. I cooked and I shopped for things I do not need (to move). I read 3 books in less than a week. All in all, I was bored.

I went back to the States to visit friends and family for a few weeks. I went to a wedding in July. I even wore a bridesmaid dress. And strappy sandals. I drove a convertible. I got sunburned and still have the tan lines. I visited Lake Tahoe. I stayed in my childhood home and swam in the pool. I bbq-ed with family and friends. I took pictures and relaxed. It was a good trip.

I came back knowing I would need to pack up my things, notify my landlord that I was leaving, organizing everything to get out of Vienna and move. I knew all this, but I am, still as ever, a procrastinator. I work better under pressure.

The rest of July I continued to wave goodbye to a number of people, some of them rather close friends. There was a lot of beer and a lot of goodbyes.

I went to Budapest again in August, I took pictures and wandered around the city looking for a place to have a beer that wasn't completely empty. I went to London and wandered around. I met up with old colleagues and caught up on their news since moving from Vienna. I visited with people and had some really nice food. I took no pictures. I didn't even take my camera.

And now I'm actually getting my ass in gear and packing things up so I can move to Vancouver.

I've been making lists for two days and oh my god, I'll never see the end of them.

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