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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jimmy Carter sent me an email! 

Someone told Jimmy Carter that I currently live outside the US. I have my suspicions who it could have been, but I didn't think www.VoteFromAbroad.org actually cared enough to give my email information to anyone! So Jimmy sent me an email, and I feel honored to the absolute core of my being. You know what he said? You wanna know, really? He wants me to vote.

That is all.

Well not entirely. He seems to assume that since he wants me to vote that I will (which was totally going to happen in the first place, even without a letter from a Nobel laureate, but yeah, whatever) and he pre-emptively thanked me for securing a brighter future for the country. How sincere.

It's like he knew I would be so excited about getting an email from him and it felt like he just took me up in this plane to catch a few of the most spectacular sites in the world from like 30,000 feet and then just pushed me out of a perfectly good plane.

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