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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Wherein I update more than once a week 

My fever woes from the last day of the weekend, well, let's just say that the fever only lasted a few hours. And I figured I should go to work on Monday. So I did do. And I promised myself I wouldn't be at the office more than 10 hours. Woah! Wait just one second. TEN HOURS. And this was a BARGAIN? Yeah, that's right. I made a deal with myself to not stay at the office -nearly ill- for more than 10 hours while it gusted outside and dumped frozen bits of water from the sky. The building swayed and I felt a little more than nauseous. Aches and pains made themselves known sometime in the afternoon and I hurriedly tried to finish what absolutely needed to be done for the entire rest of the week to allow me the leniency of not being terribly stressed for 4 days. I plotted and schemed to allow myself sick time! From work! Surely, this can't be acceptable.

It took me eight and a half hours to leave the office yesterday. EIGHT AND A HALF. It's like a miracle! Or I could have just forgotten about 6 things. But let's not dwell too much here.

I left the office and ordered indian, after an exceptionally high amount of debate with myself. I ate. And I ate. And I ate. It was like I'd not had any food in 5 years. And then I slept. When I woke up this morning at (god-fucking-forbid) 8 am, I thought to myself, "Where do I ache, and by what degree?"

Analysis said I ached in far too many places and by too high degree to allow myself another eight and a half hour day. So I slept. For 6 more hours. Walking to the grocery store -in the snow!- was fun, if not merely for the fact that I was outside of a building for a few minutes. (Note to self: Please, for fuck's sake, Kirsten, go to the goddamned bank and renew your stupid goddamn bankomat card. It's been a month already.) Winter, by the way, is so not over in Vienna. It's snowing every day (finally) and it gets dark super early. That's my excuse for the (second in one day!) nap I took about an hour ago - darkness makes you tired! But only when under the weather.

I don't have a fever (I keep checking - I'm paranoid.), I ache only slightly however constantly, and I look less than pretty, but not as sickly as I did yesterday, which means I look less like a scary grimy monster or my eyes are damaged again. What with these kind of improvements, I just might have to promise myself an eight and a half hour workday tomorrow.

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