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Sunday, February 13, 2005

If only I could be bothered 

So I've been keeping busy lately. I've been sleeping far too little, eating far too much and this past week I think I drank too much beer during the week. I'm struggling to find a way to keep up the blog with keeping work life in work. Since most of my time in the past couple of months has been either at the office or sleeping, I can't come up with any decent blog fodder. It's disturbing slightly. I'd like to start reserving some time everyday to find something to write about, but I fear I won't really get far.

Say what? 99% of the bloggers I read, write about work or sleeping (or sleeping at work). Hell, take me as a role model: my every third post is about the weather. They get lots of comments, too: people like them. There is no issue too trivial to find an appreciative blog audience.

No, the "can't be bothered" is the issue here.
The problem is that I can be bothered, but the real problem is that I know who's reading. ;)
Ah. Yes, that's a different matter. Perhaps you need a second blog, to be kept very quiet? :-)

AFAIK only two people know my secret super-identity, and I like it that way, because I do write about my job & my clients. The last thing I need is for the Very Large Financial Services Corporation that I wrote about, to google my real name and find that bitter, angry rant about them.
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