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Friday, December 31, 2004

To start with 

First and foremost, Happy new year!

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I hope you had too much wine, beer, liquor, sekt and/or champagne tonight. If you had been anywhere near me this evening, we'd have had a shot of strawberry vodka. You wouldn't have been able to get out of the first round. The other 6 rounds - well, to be perfectly frank, I had nothing to do with ordering those. Although I did partake in them, so I s'pose I'm liable for something there, I wasn't really the one urging the barkeep to keep pouring them. Not that it really bothered me.

As I was out of town and not writing lately, a whole lot of randomness follows:

I got back into town this afternoon, only to really not want to be back in town. I was contemplating extending my short vacation by a day, but I didn't think that would be appropriate, nor did I think it would really be the best idea - now, keep in mind that I was intentionally ignoring how much I wanted to stay out of town.

I shot some of the worst pool of my life earlier tonight. Thankfully, I was in the company of friends, so let's hope that they have a short memory of everything from tonight before the bar.

The holiday season is an odd one. I don't really know what to make of all the people out shopping and being incredibly giving in a not so friendly kind of way. I mean, okay, go on and buy gifts for people. But do you really need to elbow your way across the sidewalk to get closer to ... something? Really, I think not.

I'm a brilliant chew toy. Or at least my kitten seems to think so. Ow.

I think that new perfume - it just rules.

I've had one song stuck in my head since sometime around lunch today when I kinda magically stopped listening to my ipod.

I think public transport is like god reincarnated. It's fucking heavenly.

Austrians give out pigs to people on new year's as like... a kind gesture. Somehow, a pink sow brings even the most unluckiest of bastards some luck. All I have to say about that is - oddballs.

I'm goddamned tired. Have been all day. I didn't sleep last night.

Because I'm not briefed on the proper etiquette with this, I just have to ask advice. What does one do with a weird guy that keeps kind of ... stalking you in a creepy, but somehow polite and nice non-stalking kind of way? Okay I guess stalking is a little over the top, so I'll explain. Out at the bar every now and then, this guy somehow manages to sit beside me, across from me, or otherwise in my immediate vicinity. There's sometimes a whole entire hand brushing across my leg, and sometimes, just sometimes, there's merely a couple fingers brushing across my leg. There's also stares that aren't returned from me. And weird moments where I catch him just creepily looking at me. Like I'm a porkchop or something. Which I am. Most days. Except today. There's sometimes where he apologizes for something he said, which should have obviously offended me merely because I'm a girl and in reality it didn't because I don't really care that much. There's sometimes where he quizzes me about where I go or how I get to where I'm going, as if I lied about the way I went home sometime. Which I do lie about - all the time*. I'm obviously not equipped to handle such behavior. Whereas, I'm usually quite capable of being outright bitchy to outright behavior, I suck at being blunt about sneaky, sly shit that kinda creeps me out.

And honestly, I am kinda creeped out.

And just a little bit sad. But I had a good night, mostly. I hope you did, too. Once I figure out a couple of New Year's resolutions, I'll let you know which promises to myself I plan to break.

*=I'm so kidding.

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