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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Things I do need 

As a list, because I can't be bothered to be cryptic at this hour.

-It's been all of 30 seconds under this new duvet, and I totally did need it. I already absolutely adore it. I'm in heaven, only in my bed at the very same time. It's huge, so it can't be stolen. It's warm and cozy and all things a duvet should be, only more.

-Some sleep. At normal and regular times and hours. For regular and normal hours.

-Some water wouldn't kill me, but I'm too lazy to get my own right now.

-A hug, but not really a whole snuggly, warm hug. One where it's the placating kind. Where someone just kind of wraps their arms around my shoulders for a few seconds to say something little or something of importance only to me.

-A dream that doesn't freak me out when I wake up.

-Some peace from the children that for some ungodly reason are somewhere near the kindergarten in my house. I think bongo Wednesdays aren't really that cool.

-A fairy godmother that will arrange for someone else to clean my flat since I can't obviously be bothered. Or at least someone else to do everything I intended to do since I can't obviously be bothered to do that.

-A fairytale life where my fairy godmother would feel at home.

-More sleep would serve me well.

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