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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Not fit 

I'm not really fit for public consumption. Everything that people can do annoys me somehow. I tell a joke, you don't even crack a smile. I try to engage you in conversation, you seem entirely and completely uninterested in talking to anyone. Annoyed. I smile at you, you don't smile back. Annoyed. I send a text, you don't reply. Annoyed. I ask you to not whine, you do anyways. Annoyed. I promise not to whine myself, you bug the ever living shit out of me so I do. Annoyed. I even changed my attitude mid-conversation to lost the attitude, and you weren't even phased! Annoyed! God damnit.

Everything went wrong today. Nothing was easy. Frustration. Lots of it. And I'm annoyed. I'm so not fit for consumption today.

So whomever I might have come into contact with today, sorry. I should have stayed at home this morning. I should have been locked up and out of harm's way. I should have been detained.

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