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Saturday, December 18, 2004

What have I done? 

So. Last night was the company Christmas party. What have I done to myself?

And who the hell let me smoke an entire tobacco and cigarette plant? I can't even speak with my real voice. But I haven't been out of bed, let alone my flat today, so I probably won't be needing to speak to anyone.

I don't know why I thought shots of vodka sounded like a good idea, nor do I know why I thought it would be good to have loads of red wine with dinner. I'm also unclear about why I made the decision to start drinking cocktails after dinner.

All I know for sure is that I'm not entirely fond of my kitten right now, merely for the reason that she can move unhindered by hangover limitations. I'm just jealous. Well, that, and she keeps pouncing on me.


so perhaps I should call and make you speak so that I can hear your damaged voice!! teehee, Thad seems to be coping quite well considering Dylan only let him sleep for 3 hours!
I spoke. But not very much today. I still sound funny. Maybe it'll be better with some sleep.
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