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Sunday, December 12, 2004


I want to be able to brag about how productive my weekend was. I want to tell you with utmost sincerity that all of my Christmas shopping is done. I want to tell you that I didn't once look at one damn thing for myself while out yesterday "shopping". I want to boast about the level of cleanliness my apartment has achieved since god-only-knows-when. I want to tell you that I'm done with holiday preparations and vacation planning. I want to claim to have finished two books this weekend.

I so want to.

But I can't.

Because I didn't finish even start my gift shopping. I didn't actually buy myself anything, but I made a mental list of places to go back to for things I want. I did, however, purchase some furniture I've been meaning to get since November. Of 2002. I washed my laundry and organized my closet. But my flat's had a bomb explode in it and I haven't yet picked up the pieces. I washed my dishes, I cooked food. And then I washed my dishes - again. I haven't put much thought - at all - into holiday preparations, or even where I'll be, and I sure as hell haven't even come to a decision about where my next vacation will be. Nevermind when it will be. And although I started another book last week, I haven't cracked any of the three that I have been reading for a month now.

All of my plans for the weekend - unrealized. And I didn't even go out on Saturday night.

Friday night, though, was pretty cool. Work day was short, for some reason or another, and the entire office headed down to the bar at the office park. We managed to get about 30 or so people at one, albeit quite large, table. I got to talk to a bunch of guys that I don't normally see outside the office. We ended up wandering into town a couple hours later, with a much smaller group, and having some more beer. For some reason, I was just done at around midnight and made my way home pretty early.

Weekends are quickly becoming my "recover any energy you expended over the past week" times. I am not going out very often anymore and I am enjoying spending time at home on the weekends. For a number of reasons.

Something puzzling me lately, though, is that I'm more and more lacking topics of interesting discussion. I'm currently unsure as to whether it's me keeping thoughts to myself or if I'm really becoming just that boring.

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