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Monday, December 27, 2004

Shopping myself sick 

I have to stop shopping for things I don't need. It's not good for me. And most of all it's not good for my bank account. But I keep buying things that I like, and therein lies the rub.

I've slowly started sorting out my flat. And by slowly I mean so slow as to barely match the pace of a snail. Just barely. There's a number of things I ought to get done in the next day or two. It's just a question of whether I'll get around to it or not. My primary excuse for not doing anything productive is that I've been feeling under the weather lately. On Christmas day I woke up pretty groggy and feeling kind of shit, so I took some medicine, which I'm usually pretty loathe to do, and it was fine all day. But today my cough has gotten worse in that it sounds like I'm actually sick now. Sneezes have been creeping up on me. And in a sad attempt to get over whatever this is, I've been napping and curling up under blankets since I came back from my short shopping trip earlier this afternoon. I still haven't even taken my goods out of their bags and put them away.

Well it's tea time and then nap time when the documentary about sailing is over. And the documentary is making me want to go jump on board a boat and go on a long sailing trip. It's a shame I don't really know how to sail, though.

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