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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Searches - Behold! 

Just a few. I apologize to all of the people that ended up here after their searches. But in some ways, it's your own fault... I mean look at what you searched for!

being well dressed (Yahoo)
Boss Roasting ideas (Yahoo)
Directions on how to clean the inside of a Xbox game Console (Yahoo)
Don't be foolish wearing cross of Christ (Yahoo)
ideas for cute writing on plastic dishes (MSN)
mr. goodbar etymology (Yahoo)
Uma's hiccups (Yahoo)

Advice to those of you who got here looking for such topics:

I wouldn't take my own advice about being well dressed. Hope you weren't too disappointed.

I don't know how to roast anyone. Let alone the man who can fire me. Sorry?

I would advise not cleaning the inside of an xbox console with anything but bleach and a lint-ridden rag. I kid. Don't clean it. Really.

I didn't know there was a cross not 'of Christ'?

Plastic dishes and cute writing go hand in hand. I'm shamed to have not already completely shared my experience with cutely writing on plastic dishes. I shall endeavor to remember to do that this week, what with the holidays coming and the need for cutely written on plastic plates rising so quickly in the next few days. So, so sorry.

What is the etymology of a Mr. Goodbar? Other than it being a good chocolate-y snack, I don't know much else about them.

How and, mostly, why are Uma's hiccups of any interest to anyone?

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