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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Viennese Adoration 

I don't think I've adequately publicly adored Vienna and the winter that will be. In an effort to remedy this, I must state that I adore Vienna and the winter that will be.

Previously, I've been known to claim that autumn is my favorite season. I must revise. I like autumn, don't get me wrong. It's nice. There's a crisp chill in the air. Slight, yet brisk, breezes carry the scent of a burning fire in someone's fireplace. Warm coats are donned. Scarves are put to good use. The leaves go golden, crimson and flaming orange. It's pretty. In essence, however, the leaves are, in fact, dead. And they end up being the color of dead leaves - brown - by the time they hit the street or sidewalk. Not so pretty at that point.

But the glory that is autumn is, in my mind, the crisp, clean-feeling air, the slight breezes scented with warm and cozy fires swirling through the city, the bright, warm hues of the leaves, the scarves... oh the scarves. It's a nice time of year.


What I would not count as the glory of the season is the pummelling winds threatening to knock anyone over should they be ignorant enough to brave the outside world, thinking that autumn is a gentle time of year.

Nonetheless, I endeavor to lavish upon Vienna all of my adoration for the city and the winter that will be. Because winter.... Winter is cool.

I agree, winter is wonderful. And winter in Vienna is particularly great. I was there for a few days before Christmas several years ago (the winter of the great big ice storm, were you here then?)

I remember drinking Gluhwein at night in the gardens of the Schloss Schönbrunn (still have the mug), and visiting Heuriger out west on the hills.

Vienna in winter is definitely delightful.
I've only been here about two and a half years, so I likely missed the winter you're talking about. Last year, we had so much snow it was superb! 2003, it snowed twice that I can recall. Once the day after I flew out of the country, and once the day before I flew back into Vienna. Karma, and all that... ;) We had a little snow yesterday but it didn't stick! Oh how I want to throw snowballs!

There's so many Christmas markts in this city that it's impossible to go to all of them. I need to make it to Schoenbrunn for some gluhwein this year. Everyone needs the extra mug!
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