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Monday, November 01, 2004

Nothing in particular 

It's not really true what they say because sometimes, just sometimes, fantasies do come true. I took a bath yesterday, and because I was kind of pressed for time, it was way, way too short. To remedy this, I'm going to take another one tonight, shortly after I finish blabbering here. And there will be lavender bath salts. Lavender. Such a wonderful scent.

I need a little relaxation after the long weekend. I was privileged enough to enjoy a very nice dinner last night with a friend I have seen only rarely as of late. We had good food, fun discussions, and an enjoyable beer-towards-the-end-of-the-meal, which carried over into an after dinner drink. After we went our separate ways, I joined a few friends at a pub for a couple of beers.

We attempted to avoid topics of discussion such as religion and politics. We narrowly escaped politics a couple of times and went back to talking about much more practical things. Like mongolian clusterfucks, and for some reason the logistics of them. This was, however, not the highlight of the discussions that we had. The highlights were good, fun, laughter evoking jokes made about so many topics.

The aversion to politics was at my request, as I had spent the afternoon attempting to watch a news program that had nothing to say about the elections this week in the States. I could not believe the insistence of the media at shoving the elections down their viewers throats. After a couple of hours waiting for any weather report - which was supposedly scheduled on a number of channels at various times but were never actually aired - I gave up and watched a dvd.

Shockingly, Halloween isn't the costume-evoking holiday in Austria that it is in the States, so I found myself plainclothed all day. The last time I donned a costume, I was still at university, and I threw myself into a beer wench costume, complete with two beer steins hanging from my belt - at the ready for fresh nectar. There's nothing like a beer wench on the arm of the Hulk walking around downtown in Chico (Yes, that's my alma mater.) with a group of friends. Ahh, that was a fun night. Until someone split a pumpkin over my fellow beer wench's head. Talk about a headache. Poor girl.

Oh, I updated the Weekly Link. This time, another poet. And the reason - inspiration from a woman (The one who shared the Breast Cancer link (under "Links" to the right...) with readers of her blog.) who published a lovely post about a week ago. Thanks for the idea, Tuna Girl.

While not a particularly strenuous day today, I'm beat. I'm going to finish my second glass of wine and take a swim in my tub for a good long while. Hope Halloween was enjoyable for those that celebrated. And All Saint's Day was also enjoyable for those that were blessed with a Monday off.

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