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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Five questions in total 

Ask some guy I know why it is that I'm blogging about this. He has his reasons, of which I don't know or understand.

Of the desserts in my life, I'd claim cheesecake to be my favorite. Better yet if it's white chocolate cheesecake with a raspberry topping and chocolate crust. But I've yet in my life to like/have the following:

Creme brulee - I've never seen the appeal. And to be honest, it's so damn small! But mostly I've never had it due to lack of opportunity.

Tiramisu - The entire idea of 'ladyfingers' in a dessert creeps me out. Who wants to eat ladyfingers? What's wrong with you people? BLECH!

Sacher torte - As popular and famous as it may be, I cannot stand it. Cakes and desserts in Austria are so dry that I just can't be bothered with sweets here.

fruit compote - Of any kind it's just fruit that's been warmed. And usually dried fruit at that. Thanks, but no thanks.

Onto other topics:

The naughtiest thing I've ever done... This is a tough one. I'm not sure which definition of naughty we're going for but I'll venture a guess and say something cheesy like sex in a public toilet or sex on a car parked at the entrance to a movie theater. I'd go into detail but I'm certain I'm the only one interested.

Things that sweep me off my feet... Looks that I know are just for me. A brushing touch that no one but me notices because it's so subtle. An innocent statement that means something entirely different to everyone else in the room but me. Encouragement when I'm feeling less than I could. Kind words to pick me up when I'm not down, but certainly not up. A tender touch at the nape of my neck or along my collar bone.

Not that anyone would recognize, or know particularly why, but my dad was my hero. He still kind of is. He suffered through alot, in the face of everyone telling him that he should have only had 4 weeks to live when it was at least a year and a half later that he died. Besides him, I look to a friend of mine. She's got a heart of gold, knows how to use it and suffers the consequences bravely. She's a fighter and does what she wants, without regard to consequences and adversity. I think there are a multitude of women in public life that inspire me, and a number of men that are equally as influential. Choosing one is so difficult. I like bravery and courage. I like self-assuredness and integrity. I think honesty and hope are admirable. I believe that steadfastness and humor are vital to life. So choosing someone, just one person is nearly impossible.

I'm only ticklish in one place. Stay the hell away from my feet.

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