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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Weekend in Review 

Although I'm only 2 days into my 4 day weekend, I figured it was time to find something brilliant to write about. Failing that, I'll suggest to the timekeeper that weekends should always be 4 days long.

Friday night was good. Odd at some points because I somehow couldn't stop talking about the office with some co-workers, but good nonetheless. I consumed enough beer to be giddy, but of course not enough for a hangover. The best amount to consume, in my opinion. To hit par for the week, I got to sleep on Saturday sometime around 6 or so in the morning.

I shot up out of bed to the startlingly disturbing sounds of my phone at 10.30. I had expected a friend of mine from the States to call on Friday night to set up some time to meet while he's in the country. When I answered the phone in my 'I've just woken up' voice he expressed his sympathy and apologies for waking me up, telling me he'd call back later. We chatted later and set up our meeting time and point, and a couple hours later, I commenced my natural Saturday routine of grocery shopping and shopping for things I don't need.

What is it about Sundays that make me so lazy? I've had a difficult time getting out of my flat today. I did manage, but not for long. If I only I wasn't too lazy to make myself a proper meal, or draw myself a bath.

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