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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Catching up 

I had imagined I would take the time to write about a little old man that talked to me and a friend a while ago, but let's face it, I'm more lazy than even I would want to admit to. Here's a Reader's Digest version, because at this hour I really can't be all that bothered.

In the middle of a discussion about how unthrilled I was with life and what I should do about it - go on vacation - a little old man, with a sickening penchant for not wearing a belt, interrupted my friend and I.
You speak English pretty well. Hey, I just want you to know that everything will be okay.
I nearly burst into tears when he said that. I was a little on edge and had been teetering back and forth between nearly sobbing in the middle of a restaurant and keeping my shit together. Managing most of the time to keep my shit together, I couldn't help myself when the little old man placed his hand on my shoulder and told me what I needed to hear from someone else. I knew it would be okay. I knew things would get better. I just wanted to hear it. And then he said something else.
You should go to Prague. Two weeks. Most beautiful city in the world. And cheap! But not for long. Go to Prague.
I should totally take this man's advice. I loved Prague two winters ago when I went for a weekend. I loved it last summer when I was there. I also wouldn't mind a little vacation, somewhere outside of town.

I shopped for hotels and airfare to Bora Bora Thursday. It was productive, yet somehow a little disheartening. It will be a while before I can get the trip planned, but I will be going to Bora Bora before I'm 30. Not that that's right around the corner or anything, it's far enough away that that goal shouldn't be entirely impossible. I don't know what it is about that island that I have this sick fascination with... It's gorgeous. And I just have to go.

I found myself in an exceptionally good mood on Friday evening, blindsided by giddiness and teenage girl giggles. I was recovering from being locked in a flat for most of the day, I think it was just the joy that is being outside. Locked in, on a sunny day, with the desire to go shopping... well in hindsight, it wasn't so bad that I didn't get out until early in the evening. I probably saved myself a couple hundred euros.

I spent a couple hours on the phone to the states this morning, catching up with a friend - moaning and groaning, talking, laughing, giggling, making stupid jokes and laughing a lot. Although life's been better in some ways, worse in others and exactly the same in some ways, I'm still feeling a little left of center.

But the most unsettling news is that I have "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" stuck in my head.

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