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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Babes in Toyland 

Most times I consider the office to be a remarkably sane place to be. I say remarkably because of the amount of crazies that work in the same office space I do. That's not to say that some of these people like to have a little fun and play small practical jokes on each other. Some of them don't mind slamming their heads through walls (although I haven't seen that in nearly 2 years). I have witnessed scarily intimate moments with vacuum cleaners. Somehow we managed water fights in the hallway - albeit with a very small crowd of participants. I've been witness and victim to plastic beebee's from toy guns in the office, of course not since it became clear that we shouldn't shoot anyone's eyes out with small plastic beebee's. The boys can go a little nutty every now and then. They can make you laugh like a maniac sometimes, just because they're just that good. And sometimes, well, sometimes they can just make you shake your head.

Every couple of weeks, there's a collection of tasks planned out and assigned to be executed in a particular order by certain employees. Those collection of days/tasks is marked by an iteration sponsor - a babe! The sponsor is often a female. Yet, (somehow) this makes sense, as the team that uses this method is comprised completely of those of the male persuasion. As seems to be practice, I was consulted for a number of these sponsors, as asking a girl apparently negates the sexist nature of the whole idea. So yesterday, when counseling began, I suggested this brilliantly famous British Dame, (Thora Hird) at the suggestion of an English co-worker.

Unfortunately, and for inexplicable reasons, that suggestion was rebuffed and I was sent back to the google images search engine. So I supplied pictures and suggestions found from researching from this site, also at the suggestion of the same English co-worker.

I don't believe any of my suggestions were accepted, and I may not be the most favorable person to ask for more 'babe' suggestions in the future. I'm, of course, saddened by this, but it also relieves me of much research work and will allow me the opportunity to focus more fully on my other assigned tasks. If I'm not the girl, I'm not the girl. I can live with it, I hope.

On the other hand, I had a discussion with another co-worker about the babe search, asking me whether it would be possible to find a male-babe-sponsor, as he was unsure whether or not men can, in fact, be babes. I assured him, that of course, this is possible and even happens once in a while, it's just that we don't print out posters and supply any tack boards with proof - at the office at least.

For instance... Frank's a babe. (I just thought you should know.)

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