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Monday, September 20, 2004

Swing my state-of-mind 

A weight, perhaps the equal of the landmass of Texas, slid off my back today. Another one, perhaps the equal of the landmass of Florida, slid off my shoulders today. And since I didn't pay the gravity bill because I'm such a nitwit when it comes to paying bills by paper (how fucking ancient is that?), I'm afraid I might just float right into outer space. If I take my camera, I'll be sure to take some Earth from Above photos, albeit I'd have to start saying something like Earth from Space after a while. I'll take a scarf, the be-all end-all of winter garments, as the wind up there in the outer bits of the atmosphere can be a bit chilly, or so I've heard. I'm sure postcards can be sent down to the planet, so watch out for falling debris, unless they get burned up in the re-entry. (Sorry ahead of time for that, if it happens.)

I never wanted to be an astronaut, but damned if I'll complain about it now.

Enter obscurity.

as if the beginning space flight wasn't obscure enough...

Texas and Florida. Very significant. I try to make it a policy around here to not really talk too much about (my) political opinion. So this will stick very closely to mostly known fact. Bear with me.

Texas is a widely known Republican hotbed. There's not really much contest when it comes to presidential elections there. There's not really a choice to be made. It's inevitable. It just must happen one way. It just has to be done. There's one road outta that place and it's with the Republicans in a 4x4 truck with a gun rack, a driver named Billy Joe, and an insane supply of chewing tobacco and Budweiser beer. The King of Beers, indeed. (Surely, I jest.)

Florida is largely considered a swing state, which can go either Democrat or Republican. It's up in the air. It's hard to guess. It's not always a given (unless your brother is the governor...) how the race will go. There's a chance for the Dems. There's a chance for Republicans. There's a fork in the road. Two diverging roads.

Like Texas, I did what was inevitable. I got around to finally making a choice that wasn't really a choice after all. There was only one thing to be done, one road to follow. I just wanted to take a rest on the side of the road before picking up my walking stick again and strolling along the shoulder of the highway, from where I can eye 4x4 trucks, chewing tobacco canisters, gun racks and Billy Joe from a distance.

Florida had me in a bind, and I couldn't decide which way to go, but I spent a long time toiling and made a decision. I'll take the road less traveled. Now, like Florida a few years ago, I'm going to have to stick with what the polls (supposedly) say, and come time for the Supreme Court to back up my choices for not going back on what I decided, I've got the wherewithal to know I have the back up that I need and the comfort of knowing it's not because of my dad or his boss for 8 years that there's back up. It's just there.

And to those of you that might be confused as hell, I apologize, but this laundry had to be dipped in politics, as it's the dirtiest water I could find, before I could hang it out to dry. I don't intend to drag anyone through the dirt, or mud for that matter, and I will continue to be so mind-bogglingly obscure when I have an inkling that my rinse water is molasses colored. Self preservation methods... I just can't shake 'em.

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