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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Purple one-eyed haze 

This morning I woke up, ready for the day, at 9.30. I didn't think there was any chance of going back to sleep, but I persisted. I laid there for at least 45 more minutes staring at the walls. And then I woke up at about 11.30 wondering if I was alone in my flat or not. I couldn't figure it out, but I was sure that someone had stolen my mini fritts. Some dream extra took my mini fritts. I hope he isn't a recurring extra. That was mean. And damned if the first thing I did when I wandered out of my bedroom was check the mini fritts cabinet. It's important to have snacks. I still have snacks. Until I get hungry.

I couldn't remember much about my morning, not even so much about being awake for a while. I thought everything was shaded in a nice lilac. It was just my duvet. Apparently, one-eyed Kirsten isn't as perceptive as two-eyed Kirsten. And depth perception isn't easy while constantly winking.

I still haven't voted. I'm afraid that with my depth perception being compromised I might check the wrong boxes. This would be bad.

It's gotta be time for some kind of entertainment now. West Wing, 24 or Alias, here I come!

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