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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

For want of a phone call 

Bathroom cleaning substances are like poison. They give you fevers and sore throats and sneeze fits, and sometimes, just sometimes, near-fainting spells. Or it could have been getting out of bed too fast. I like to blame the cleaning supplies though. It's so much more glamorous.

So far today I have accomplished precisely not much at all. I have sent three emails today, I have watched really horribly bad bbc prime sitcoms and drama series episodes totaling nearly 5 hours of my day (woe is me), I have eaten precisely three pieces of bread yet consumed about 3 liters of liquids in my 6 waking hours, I have thought about reading a book or working on a crossword, I have thought about watching a film, and I have slept the sleep of the dead. But the sleep of the dead with a fever lasts only about an hour or two at a time.

And now I sit on my couch unabashedly hoping against hope.

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