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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Blah Blahs 

So, yesterday, when I got out of bed it was like a miracle. I was healthy! Past tense is important here. Inspired by a friend who just can't get enough lately, I went shoe shopping. I really did need another pair of boots. I searched high and low for another pair of scary boots, but I couldn't justify the idea of squeezing my little bitty toes into the pointiest of pointy shoes. So I compromised and just got sort of pointy boots.

That took care of the first 15 minutes of my day after I ventured into the outside world. And then, it began. The ear popping. It hasn't stopped, and we're talking 24 hours later. I foresee a trip to the doctor. Somebody hold me. Those people are scary.

When I ventured out into the world yesterday, I debated whether or not I should take my laptop with me. I finally decided that I could go buy some boots, have a quick lunch and then go back and get my laptop before going grocery shopping. As luck would have it, the plan was nowhere near representative of reality. And here I am, with my laptop where I left it, and me nowhere near it, pining for it while sitting at my crusty old desktop. I'm going through withdrawals. The prospect of Tom Yum soup consoles me, however.

On the upside, Sudeki is pretty fun. I spent a number of hours yesterday distracting myself from the fact that my laptop was inaccessible by playing. I was interrupted a number of times by sneezes and coughing fits, but I tried to black most of that out of my memory. It mostly worked. I still don't understand why it is that one of the major characters has to wear a g-string. While I'm not terribly disturbed by the idea of a game character wearing a g-string, I'm a little disturbed that there's nothing covering it and, usually, all you ever see of these characters are their backsides. thankyouverymuch. And, wait for it... the g-string is an upgraded armor outfit.

I should really stop those soapbox rants. It's not like it really kills the game. It's just a pointless discussion to be having with myself, seeing as I agree with myself.

I'm hoping to be able to finish a few games before I get my copy of Fable because after Fable is Halo 2. And who needs the distraction of any other game when there's Halo 2? Certainly, not yours truly.

Thankfully, the weekends bring quiet and peace in my flat. The house somehow stops making noise. The fact that construction workers don't have to work on the weekends is awesome. Couple that with the fact that children stay at home on the weekends, and the fact that I have neither construction workers nor children living with me and you can paint me a happy camper.

I shall have an espresso machine right quick. All is right with the world. I can even deal with the persistent and seemingly ever-present ear popping.

Wow. How bad do I need some coffee?

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